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'Joining the Dots,' is the new book from Alex Mathers with illustrations by Claire Powell. Get your free ebook below, or purchase a copy at Amazon today.

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'Joining the Dots' is an engaging read, beautifully illustrated and offers solid advice and concepts about actually generating a sustainable income from your artistic endeavors - which is not always easy to do.


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Using our creative skills to make money and make an impact - while staying sane - can be hard as heck...

…If you don’t know what you’re doing.

A lot has been done to help creatives and artists find success, but much of it doesn’t apply to people with ‘arty’ skills. It can be hard to understand, and some of it is downright unhelpful.

With over a decade working for himself as an illustrator, writer and coach, Alex Mathers is intimately familiar with how we can hold ourselves back.

 The common thread he’s discovered in his approach to success is the need to feel alive.

Every idea in this book addresses this very human need, distilled into a handy A-Z guide.

Though none of us is perfect, the way we think consistently will move us in the right direction.

Whether you’re an artist, a designer or a writer, working for yourself or with a team, the right mindset is the difference between giving up and thriving.

These 26 concepts will help you join the dots, seeing with greater clarity what it takes to be a successful creative.

Success is in your hands.

What Our Readers Are Saying

"Alex has been one of my favourite authors and illustrators since 2009. After reading Joining The Dots I'm reminded again why I keep reading every book and article Alex shares; It's his unique, no-bullshit approach to topics like income, growth and self promotion that keeps me inspired and motivated."


Werner Diedericks


Alex has mastered the methods for effective self-promotion in the creative world.


Scott Belsky

Founder Behance, 99u

This book is fresh and easy reading, as much as it is amazingly true! It's worth being read by anyone who wants success, not only people working in creative fields. The author shares valuable and useful experiences.




Topics Covered In The Book

Just a few of the concepts we discuss...


Bringing in money, more than worrying about saving it is vital.


A sustainable business is a growing business, not a static one.


Being excellent at what you do, in all aspects, is no longer a choice if you want to succeed - it is a necessity.


The real pros know the power of setting up challenges to keep their businesses fresh and motivating.


Great art is about taking what works and re-inventing it as your own.


Solve the problems of others, and you will solve your own.


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Alex Mathers

Alex is a writer and illustrator, currently based in Bangkok, Thailand.

He has worked with clients like Google, Sony, Mars and the BBC.

He has written several books on attracting clients and standing out, and has written for 99u, Design Taxi, Computer Arts, Six Revisions, and Digital Arts.

He does some speaking, and has spoken at ICON Conference in Texas, OFFF festival in Barcelona, Behance in Tokyo, Ilustratour in Spain, DXSaigon in Vietnam, and the AOI in London.

His writing can mainly be found at his blog:

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